About Vicky

Vicky Kujundzic’s approach to custom home building goes beyond simply producing homes—it’s about creating sanctuaries of luxury crafted with fine, attentive detail and inventive designs. Her dedication to quality and service is demonstrated in every aspect of her business. And she is a custom builder whose approach is hands-on throughout every aspect of the new home building process—from overseeing the design to managing the build construction. In fact, Vicky provides comprehensive home completion including decks, landscaping, window treatments and interior decorating too!

Most notably, she brings a woman’s perspective to an industry traditionally and predominantly male-dominated. That not only makes her unique in the field of custom home construction, but also provides her with a distinctive viewpoint and understanding of what makes a home truly functional while also aesthetically distinct and appealing. With this fresh and unique perspective that Vicky brings to new home building, the homes Vicky’s Homes designs and constructs are very much “built by man, yet designed by a woman.”

For over 20 years, Vicky has been providing quality custom homes that are created with the pride and dedication that comes from a personal passion that considers home construction an art form. Each home that Vicky builds is a reflection of this pride and dedication to modern, revolutionary design and impeccable craftsmanship.